The Gene Walk Group was formed in early 1990. Although the lineup has seen numerous changes over the years, along with the music business fads that came and went, the music and the artist has stayed true to itself. The first Gene Walk Group recording was released in 1993. This release was the launching point for a band that received international attention. The album sold in 13 different countries and the United States and even managed to make it onto the Italian charts and received international press. 

Now back out on the road for the first time in years. The new Gene Walk Group has a new release and a solid new lineup that will kick your ass. The new album is filled with 13 rocking new song with memorable hooks and haunting melodies that will touch your soul. The new band features Gene Walk on vocals and guitars, Jimmy Arcoleo on keyboards, Johnny Ferriera on lead guitar, Petey Schonenberger on bass and K.C. Tyler on drums.

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